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ABSTRACT Natural has gifted us many plants which play a great role in our life and play a role to cure diseases. Plants are used as a medicine from ancient time. People have observed the effect of food items on human health and it take periods and decades to understand the link between fruits and vegetable. Human is great creature of god who get benefit from plant for their survival .plant are benefit to make medicine, shelter, oxygen and we also get fruit from these beautiful plants. Plant is used as medicine from ancient time. Fig plant is one of those plants which are used to cure diseases. Fig pant is small tree from 2m to 13m high fig plant have 850 species among these species some are extending into the warm temperature zone. Fig plant belong to mulberry family. fig is cultivated from long time it is first cultivated in Mediterranean region now it is extend all over these world like in Pakistan, turkey, California, America and so many other countries they cultivated fig to eat and to make medicine for different disease like respiratory disease, reproductive and digestive disease. Fig contain different bioactive compound and phytochemicals which help us to cure different diseases. According to ethno medicinal use of fig plant have recorded that 40 different disease can be cure by using secondary compound in fig plant which are the following Gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, syringic acid, anthocyanin’s, and rutin and some enzymes like protease, oxidase, and amylase. Beside this fig is used to make juice, jam and to make cosmetics. This review summarizes that fig plant may decrease the risks of life by different mechanisms.