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Abstract The goal of my work is to try to make yogurt preparations soy milk with different concentrations, this substitution aims to evaluate soybean influence on the physical and chemical characteristics, to ensure the safety of consumers. The results of the study show that the reconstituted milk powder may be substituted by up to 20% soy milk to produce yogurt without compromising the acceptability of the finished product. And yogurt high protein product and the production technology is developed, can improve not only the socio-economic life of the producers, but also can meet the protein needs of consumers. In conclusion we can say that soy yogurt has a high nutritional importance and may substitute perfectly yogurt cow’s milk for vegetarians and people who have lactose intolerance , so it can mitigate the crisis powdered milk that Algeria ‘ recognized recently. At the end of my experiment, I have concluded that soy milk does not ferment well alone with the seeds used for making yogurt because of the absence of lactose. On this subject several other topics may arise, such as: The search for new enzymes that can use soy milk as a fermentation medium. Search aromas adopted may mask the taste and smell of soy and this taking into account the target population (the Algerian consumer).