Nilofar Sifat and Syed Rizwan Abbas



Mentha longifolia (L.) Hud is a prominent herb propagated in different areas of District Hunza Pakistan. Our studies showed a significant difference in morphological parameters and ethnobotanical uses.  According to the Ecological levels, in zone-1 the plant was only used for the cure of jaundice. In zone-2 the plant showed more potential to treat diseases like fever, cough, coldness, body pain, stomach burning jaundice and obesity. At zone-3 the rapid increase in altitude shows some change again in curing illness such as: control bleeding, stomach ache, BP control, diabetes and help in proper respiration when moving to height.  In zone-4 the plant helps to control Bp, and control respiration concentration, weight loss, control BP, increase in white blood cells, stomach ache, and jaundice, gastrointestinal relief. In zone 5 again the diseases are repeating but some changes occur such as stomach pain, flu, jaundice and constipation. Our studies show a significant difference between the selected zones.

Abstract: Mentha longifolia (L.) Hud; Ecological Levels; Morphological Parameters; Ethnobotanical Uses.