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Whenever we wonder our nature we found a lot of blessings .God is so kind to us in context of natural world. Every disorders regarding to skin disease, cardio vascular disease and respiratory disorder can be treated by many natural ways. The Russian olive which is scientifically known as Elaeagenus angustifolia from the family of riparian’s which grow in hard and dry climates. It can also grow at river banks. This plant has more than 900 species regarding to a research of 2019. Elaeagenus angustofolia is native plant of western and central Asia, it also found in Asian countries like Pakistan, Iran Uzbekistan, and also famous in America, Russia and many other European countries. This plant is traditionally famous because of its medical importance. All parts of plant are used in different remedies. Regarding Osteo disorders and above mentioned disorders. Zizipn and Hydroxypilin are secondary compounds of Elaeagenus angustofolia which help in nitrogen fixation. These secondary compounds also found in fruits which medically used to treat respiratory problems. It has also healing power. Russian olive is traditionally used as anti-fugal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

Keywords: Elaeagenus angustofolia; Riparian’s vegetation; Zizipn; Hydroxypilin; Anti-fungal