Syed Rizwan Abbas and Sadia Bano “A review on phytochemical and traditional uses of Ficus Carica” DOWNLOAD PDF

Mekademi Karima and Lafri Imene “Trial Production of a Stirred Yoghurt by the Partial Substitution of Milk Powder by Soymilk” DOWNLOAD PDF

Otto E. Rossler and Artur P. Schmidt “A 90-years-long planet-wide IQ-Blunder as the Cause of CERN-GATE” DOWNLOAD PDF

Syed Rizwan Abbas and Sumera Bano “Medicinal Importance of Nigella sativa Linn [black seeds]” DOWNLOAD PDF

Syed Rizwan Abbas and Gulistan Rani “Medicinal Significance of Alexandrian Senna” DOWNLOAD PDF