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Numerous studies have been conducted on engaging students in classroom participation. The contribution of the classroom participation for successful and effective teaching learning process is not questionable point. However, the scholarly studied approaches or learning methods that enhance classroom participation is largely missing point in this regard. It is obvious that all learning methods do not have equal effect on the level of classroom participation. This research is done in order to address this problem or to identify effective learning methods that can enhance classroom participation. Moreover, the level of classroom participation in the Bonga University is too low. This is due to different factors that hinder student’s participation. Based on the study the factors that affecting the participation of students in the classroom were lack of active learning methods, seating arrangement, lack of incentive method, silence and shyness, lack of confidence, socio-cultural background, language barriers, instructor’s approach and related factors. Thus, the interventions strategy packages that were taken to tackle the problems were checking seating arrangement, adopting incentive method, practicing clear and friendly communication, establishing positive relationships with students, focusing on student’s need, providingThese findings illustrate that all stakeholders need to implement active learning methods by minimizing traditional long lecturing trend so that classroom participation can be effective and satisfactory. In general, the research indicates that there is a great change in the behavior of students to actively participate in the classroom.