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Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths throughout the globe for both man and women. Most of the patients are diagnosed with untreatable metastatic stage and their survival period is only 5 years.  80%  of lung cancer patients suffer from non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and the remaining 15% -20% suffer from small cell lung cancer ( SCLC.  The cancer of lung disease has a high death rate throughout the world. Natural compounds known as phytochemicals have been obtained from herbal medicines were used traditionally in the therapy of the cancer of the lung. Because they have less adverse effects and also most of the medicinal compounds are obtained from them. Most of the available drugs for the therapy of lung cancer are obtained from herbs. This review aims to find out some lead compounds from natural origin and also highlight their activity against lung cancer. Also checking their physical properties and determining their ADMET properties. It is a valuable attribute to use plants as an alternative for the treatment of lung cancer than commercial drugs because the patients also suffered to some extent and quality of the life of the patient reduced. These natural compound could be safe and effective for the treatment of lung cancer, helpful in prolonging the survival period,  improve the life quality and also could bring a bright future for the patients of lung cancer.  Therefore the data presented in this review will help come researchers to develop new and more effective compounds for lung cancer treatment.

Keywords: Lung cancer; Herbal medicines; Phytochemicals; Treatment.