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Natural medicines have a great value as compared to synthetic ones and these natural medicines can be obtained from natural medicinal plants. Walnut is one of the most widely distributed Plant with several medicinal properties. Walnut is a plant which has a good medicinal strength for to treat many diseases like diarrhea, stomach pain, arthritis, asthma, skin disorders, and some endocrine diseases like diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunctions, cancer and some other diseases. There is great importance of all the parts of walnut plant. The article is written to give a detailed knowledge on the, medicinal use, nutritional composition, and other purposes. Nowadays, there is a great importance of walnut, and its use as a traditional medicine and a scientific research at extraction and identification of active components from natural extracts. The use of walnut as a traditional medicine demonstrated that walnut contains multiple, important and essential compounds which are essential to overcome or treat several diseases in patients.

Keywords: Ethnobotanical use; Nutritional value; Active components; Traditional medicine; Essential compounds.