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Eight years ago, the famous Big Bang theory was ruled out for good by the new fundamentalphysics discipline of Cryodynamics, sister of chaos-based Thermodynamics. It confirmed Fritz Zwicky’s early expansion-free explanation of the then newly discovered Hubble law in 1929. The by now 91 years long inability of the whole scientific community to mentally follow Zwicky1929 defines a modern Dark Age. Nothing like this has occurred since Bruno got burnt at the stakes on the Camp of Flowers in the Rome of the year 1600. Once a collective IQ blunder has been diagnosed, though, there exists a chance for it to be healed in an improved consensus. In the present case, the solution consists in Zwicky getting rehabilitated in the scientific community at large. So far, however, the community rather sticks to the disproved Big Bang theory. This dismal fact entails an existential consequence: The famous LHC experiment at CERN is allowed to openly bet earth on the disproved Big Bang theory since early 2008. For CERN is unable to renew its latest planetary safety report LSAG from that year (the 4 initials stand for “Large-Hadron-Collider Safety Assessment Group”). This notwithstanding, CERN resolved to perform the LHC experiment over 12 years so far by means of the trick of eaving the LSAG undated in the hope that the media won’t catch the fraud (as they don’t). This unprecedented collective blunder is called “CERN GATE” in analogy to the famous “Watergate” scandal of the 1970s.