Bhuiyan M. M. Haque*, Sahib S. and  Shorna S. Rahman [Bangladesh]



The research paper is about parental guidance and the proper rearing method of a child to make them more creative. In the perspective of Bangladesh, children are less creative and only follow the rules and regulations of an institution. Moreover, children rearing methods are less tobe followed by parents in Bangladesh. Some parents may not know about the types of parenting styles and the different characteristics of children. Furthermore, there is social deviance workforce in Bangladesh that triggers parents to be anxious about their children most of the time. Besides, class differentiation between families and children’s rearing process differs by limiting knowledge and other opportunities. The job opportunities also precipitate the parents’ expectancy over their children to be a better someone in the future, causing them to become stressed if they cannot achieve success according to their parents’ aspirations. There is extreme competition in the primary level school as the government forcefully imposes the new examination system on children aged 8 to 15. This also increased the dropout rate, although the question method solely judges the creativity level. This research paper aims to recognize the need for parenting style and the types of children and establish proper guidance of parenting style to build a better tomorrow.

Key words: Creativity; Education Growth; Parenting and Psychology