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Coronavirus disease (CoViD-19) is a respiratory infection. An association of viruses can cause infections in the lungs. It is considered as a zoonotic disease means (disease transfer from animals to human) and also blowout from person to person while sneezing, coughing or bodily interaction. Followings are few signs of cough, cold, fever and sore throat. Already infected persons are riskier to coronavirus disorder. Coronavirus is an outbreak to worldwide. Due to the lack of active immunization, and antiviral drug finding the whole world faces a great challenge to overcome the novel coronavirus outbreak. Millions of peoples are died, in coronavirus battle. The whole world is trying to search for a valuable and effective solution to the most vulnerable novel coronavirus disease. Behalf of their extraordinary struggle somewhat solutions are found. Herbal medications and natural goods are applying to cure diverse pathological contagions as well as further ailments earlier. For the treatment of the ailments and medicine finding inventor and researchers have done experimentation and prosecutions. Herbal tablets are very supportive of control of various disorders since of their purity and harmless. Herbal products are medicine creating from nature and have no side effects because of less use of derivatives, conservers or excipients. In this review, I focused on the use of herbs for the treatment and cure of novel coronavirus contagions specially and we realize a screening process to find medicinal herbs which are normally used in treating virus-related breathing contagions. They comprise mixtures that can prevent 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that creates pneumonia. Two main steps are involving in screening technique. In the first step, literature is search for natural composites that are purely accepted as adjoin severe acute respiratory disorder coronavirus or Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus. For evaluation and examination of ADMET properties, the compounds were checked and it would be very energetic. A docking analysis technique was applying to the quiz if the compound had the ability for shortest 2019-nCoV protein interaction. In the second step, it is searched herbal databases to the discovery of plants consisting of the selected compounds. At last, scheme pharmacology analysis was used to judge the general in vivo effects of every selected herb.