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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a typical fiery immune system ailment ordered by the synovitis of both little and huge joints, which may prompt the harm of ligament and bones causing huge incapacities because of decimation of bones surfaces, whenever left untreated. It is a multifactorial and heterogeneous sickness having commitment of both hereditary (50-60%) and natural variables. The ignorance of overall population may be a contributing component in the high predominance pace of RA around the world. This review article centers around the causing factors (hereditary qualities and natural) associated with this staggering ailment. We likewise gave brief diagram of the treatment alternatives and creature models of RA. The writing was investigated utilizing network terms in PubMed search ”etiology of RA, hereditary qualities of RA, ecological elements in RA, Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) in RA”. The information was completely looked into and exhaustive data was removed to help the per users in improving comprehension towards the systems, which trigger the results of RA. The more we increment mindfulness about RA, the better we deal with this illness and subsequently can improve way of life and financial status.