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Mentha longifolia is a herbaceous plant and it is a type of mint which is bigger than other mints. It is also herbal medicine. Now a day’s mentha longifolia has great importance and it is used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of fever and jaundices and scientific research found the phytochemicals of the plant and the different extractions as chemical compounds, bio compounds and botanical uses.  The plant Mentha longifolia (horse mint) is found in Gojal upper Hunza especially in moorkhun Gojal. Mentha longifolia (whadaan) is used for the treatment of jaundice, intestinal infection, fever and cough. Its height is between 0.5-1m and the leaf is longer about 9cm. The ancient people use this plant as a tea and as a salad. The horsemint is widely spreader plant it has a unique smell and taste. Mentha longifolia grow in July to September and some people dried it with the whole parts of the plant for further use. It is also treated for the healing of wounds as a paste of its leaf. All the parts of Mentha longifolia are essential for the cure of diseases.

Keywords: Mentha longifolia; Herbal medicine; Phytochemicals; Traditional uses.