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Skin cancer is one of the mortal diseases and constantly rises day by day. The way of treatment for different types of cancer is chemotherapy. Several synthetic anticancer drugs are used but they have side effects. Chemotherapeutic drugs for cancers designate to develop opposition against normal cells and restrain by the level of treatment. There is a foremost challenge to care and build up medicines for skin cancer. As an alternative to that, plants are a vital basis of organically energetic ordinary outcomes. They provide us commercially significant materials in themselves which may well supply lead structures for the upgrading of assumed derivatives to gain improved actions and condensed toxicity in the treatment of cancer. Medicines extracted from natural resources have a possible ability as cancer-curing mediators due to their accessibility easy to buy has no side effects. Medicines made from herbal plants have enormous and successful applications and curative capability which accelerate the systematic study. This assessment provides awareness concerning several plants having action against cancer.

Keywords: Skin Cancer; medicinal plants; Zingiber officinale; Aloe Species; Artemisia Species.