Rizwan Taj Khan, Sadia Riaz, Muhammad Rehan Abbas, Attiya Batool and Syed Rizwan Abbas DOWNLOAD PDF


Diabetes mellitus is an acute metabolic disarray and in traditional medicine many plants were used in abundance for treating diabetes. Because they have no harmful impacts and mostly available drugs are obtained through these medicinal plants. Purpose of the review is to select and highlight the importance of medicinal plants traditionally used against diabetics. Also checking physical properties and counting ADMIT compounds. Studies on plants with diabetic resistance mainly due to the existence of a secondary metabolite. .Medicinal plants are not only productive in treating diabetes, but in lot of cases have wide range of impacts on more ill conditions, together with DM discrepancies. Those plants could be suitable alternative or supplement as convenient anti-diabetic drugs. Therefore, the data presented in this review will help researchers to develop alternative approaches to the cure diabetes rather than oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin, thereby reducing diabetes and related disorder.

Keywords: diabetes, medicinal plants, herbal, symptom, treatment.