Hana AbdElaziz, Abdalmahmod Saad, Babiker K. Abdalla DOWNLOAD PDF

Abstract This study aimed to synthesis of silver nanoparticles in different media by green synthesis, it was from Syzygium cumini extracted, which prepared by two methods: Aqueous extraction and ethanol by soxhlet apparatus and which represent equeous and ethanol media, respectively. Also syntheized silver nanoparticles by reducing agent of Trisodium citrate in order to comparison with green synthesis method. it was study the extracted of physiochemical properties such as: Density, viscosity, the percentage, pH and test of some activeness materials as Aldehyde And study biological activeness for silver nanoparticles prepared by green synthesis – Aqueous media. The results showed that, activeness of green synthesis for silver nanoparticle prepared of Syzygium cumini extracted and can utilized as antibiotic such as Coli. So we recommend, benefit of plant biomasses which has strength for preparation of silver nanoparticles by green synthesis which prepared in Ethanol media in order produced it by high quality and utilized it as antibiotic for Bacteria.