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Abstract Berberis lyceum royle it’s a medicinal plant which fits to the of berberidaceae family. This plant is abundantly found in northern area of Pakistan. Native to India also. This plant is a spiny shrub which grows in mountainous area or on roads at ranging between 900- 2,700m. Widely used by local people for the cure of human disorder. berberis lyceum has many medicinal uses such as diarrhea, throat pain, eye disorder, gingivitis, sub blindness, scabies, pustules, remittent fever etc. this plant have numerous minerals such i.e. sodium phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium, and copper. The part of this plant for example leaf, stem, root and fruit comprises bioactive compound i.e. protein, fate, vitamin c, tattins, berberine etc. berberis lyceum contain many biological actions with antidiabetic stuff, antioxidant stuff, wound healing propriety also used in bone fracture healing and antimicrobial stuff. As the plant root is rich in nutrient for example calcium and magnesium and that helps the break bone to heal faster. There is also a need of more investigation and search about its medicinal rate.