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Al Termezy and Ibn Majah


In another narration of the hadith, the Prophet asked Asma about what she uses to cure constipation, and she mentioned the Shubrum (euphorb piteous), which is the bark of the root of the euphoric tree and which is dry and hot in the fourth degree. The best type of Shubrum is the one reddish in color, which is soft and feels like wrapped skin. Shubrum is among the medications that doctors do not advise people to use because it is a very strong laxatives. In the Hadith, the Prophet described Shubrum as being hot and strong laxative therefore, in addition use Senna alexandrina.

Today Research

Senna is a stimulant laxative commonly used by pediatricians, pediatric gastroenterologists, and pediatric surgeons. Many clinicians avoid Senna for reasons such as tolerance or side effects but this has little scientific justification (Vilanova-Sanchez et al., 2018).

The herbal extract of Senna alexandrina pods is used commonly to treat constipation. The study was designed to evaluate the effect of oral administration of aqueous extract of S. alexandrina pods at varying doses on Newzealand rabbits for 2 and 4 weeks. The data suggest that administration of the aqueous extract of S. alexandrina pods at 50 mg/kg/day is not toxic. The observed toxic effect might be due to higher doses and/or frequency of administration. Although in traditional medicine the extract is administrated at a low dose, the results suggest the necessity of standardization of the drug (Elkhidir, Yagi, El Badawi, & Yagi, 2012).


S. alexandrina was recommended by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and later on many biologist suggested S. alexandrina for constipation. Now we can develop an in-silico studies and find out the exact pathways and compounds which are responsible for the therapy of constipation.


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